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Kaiba scheitert im Duell und verliert seine Seele.
Unter dem Titel Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters Y-Gi- Dyueru Monsutzu das von Studio Gallop und Nihon Ad Systems produziert wurde, strahlte TV Tokyo von April 2000 bis September 2004 eine Nachfolgeserie aus, die von anderen Sprechern synchronisiert wurde.Power of Chaos: Joey the Passion.Despite their friendship, neither of them hold back and Yugi wins after a close Duel.Duel Generation (2014) Yu-Gi-Oh!Dungeondice Monsters (2006) Yu-Gi-Oh!Joey offers to sacrifice himself for Yugi's " Horn of Heaven " so they can stop Yami Bakura's " Man-Eater Bug ".Anubis, vor Jahrhunderten von Yugis mysteriösem zweitem Ich dem alten Pharao besiegt, kommt zurück, um Rache zu nehmen.Es gibt wieder neue Charaktere, und auch der Handlungsort hat sich verändert.When this occurred, Odion's fake Millennium Rod shattered giving Marik away.Back in reality that dragon, " Claw of Hermos " is added to his Deck.20 When Joey is unconscious after his Duel with Yami Marik, Yami Yugi only continues participating in the tournament because the Millenium Necklace tells him that's the way to save Joey; 18 Joey exhibits similar selfless behavior in return when he continues to support Yami.
Legacy of the Duelist (2015) PlayStation Portable -Spiele: Yu-Gi-Oh!

Rafael began to make his escape in a helicopter, taking Yugi's body with him.Dragon " says that Paradox stole Joey's " Red-Eyes Black Dragon the first days rhiannon frater epub " to use to Summon " Malefic Red-Eyes.Yugi gives Joey one of his Star Chips allowing Joey to also enter the tournament.Kaiba hat einen verstorbenen Adoptivbruder namens Noah.Episode 194: " One Step Ahead - Part 1 ").Serenity is still angry at Joey for being late, but Joey manages to talk her into taking the operation.Er gehört Schadi/Schah Dee, dem Wächter der Millenniumsartefakte.In the dub, he also gets upset when people compare him to an animal, such as a monkey or a dog.
Battle City finals On entering the Duel Tower Island, where the Battle City finals are taking place, Kaiba continues to mock Joey and asked how he managed to enter the tournament, saying somebody must have messed up on the computer systems.
After Yami Yugi entered the Memory World, his friends were shocked to see that he had left the Millennium Puzzle, so Shadi used the Millennium Key to open the way to the maze of Yugi's heart so that he might try to find the door.